MINT Lift Summit 2023 Terms and Conditions

Updated 11/18/2023
  1. Each qualified customer will be provided with a discount code, which will give access to 15% off your entire order.
  2. The discount code will be eligible for unlimited use, valid from 10/21/2023 @ 12:00 AM PST/3:00 AM EST to 11/30/2023 @ 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST.
  3. This offer is limited to US providers only.
  4. The discount code is not transferable and cannot be redeemed for product credit nor cash or gift cards for future use.
  5. All sales are final. Returns, refunds, and exchanges are not accepted. The sale is only applicable to orders placed on the e-store and is not valid for manual orders and training purchases.
  6. There will be three Raffle Prizes during MLS2023.The winners will be drawn through a randomized raffle system and announced on stage during the live event. Third and Second place raffle winners will receive a $1000 discount code prize and the first place raffle winner will receive a $5000 discount code prize.
  7. The raffle prize discount codes are a one time use code, the full amount must be exhausted in a single transaction.
  8. The raffle prize discount codes can be stacked with the MINT Lift Summit discount code.
  9. The raffle prize discount codes are valid until 12/31/2023 @ 11:59PM PST. Any attempt to use the code after the expiration date will not be honoured.
  10. MINT Lift Summit 2023 discount code can only be combined with the Klardie Mix & Match Bundle Discount & MLS2023 Raffle Prize discount codes.
  11. All MINT Lift Summit 2023 orders will receive free overnight shipping (excludes weekend delivery).
  12. HansBiomed USA, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue a discount code at any time. Discount code will be void if altered, copied, transferred, auctioned, or sold.
  13. Please contact us via email at or contact our office at (562) 777-7043 if you have any questions or need further clarification.