One-Of-A-Kind Virtual Event Covering All You Need To Know About PDO Threads!

We are thrilled to inform you that MINT™ PDO will be holding our 

3rd Virtual International MINT™ User Specific Training on October 23, 2021!


This unique training event dives deep into MINT™ (Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread), the only PDO thread with dual FDA clearances and backed by over 6 years of clinical studies. As part of MINT™’s mission to advance higher standards of aesthetic care, V-IMUST has been created to broaden access for providers to comprehensive and advanced PDO education. From lectures, live demonstrations, to exclusive deals, V-IMUST provides you the opportunity to elevate your PDO skills to the next level.

New to this year, V-IMUST III provides 5 live demonstrations that cover the latest trends and techniques, including patient selection, anatomy, vector designs, and advanced techniques, for achieving full facial rejuvenation with MINT™ PDO Threads.

Don’t miss the LAST CHANCE of this year to learn from the leading experts on how to achieve nasolabial fold rejuvenation, fox eyes, nose & neck rejuvenation, and combination therapiesusing PDO threads and injectables!

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